Episode #2 Seven Tips for Planning a Better Sales Call

Improving Account Coverage Episode #2 Bowties and Business Podcast with Tim Kubiak

Why do so many sales calls go wrong or underperform? Start Planning a better sales call right away. Regardless of your role, here are 7 strategies that will help anyone who is participating in a meeting be more actively and effectively involved if they are willing to put in the effort. Sales, customer service, and customer satisfaction is a team sport and nobody wants to “win” just a participation trophy. For expanded bonus content check out the links below:

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“Clearly you’re here because something about Planning a Sales Call attracted you. Whether you have delivered a less than optimal pitch yourself and let’s be honest it’s happened to even the best sellers, including me, somewhere along the way. Or maybe you have been on the receiving end of a less than ideal pitch? You need to plan for a more successful sales call. All too often we see salespeople show up to a meeting and their only goal is to plan to sell something, make a friend or just hope someone buys from them. It’s a great way to miss your quota and leave money on the table.

What follows is based on a real-world sale and the process is followed. The Sales Rep at the time was in her 3rd sales role and 5 years into a career that was about to take off.  The Customer was, in this case, a rural Hospital 3 hours from the nearest major metro and the only emergency facility in a huge county.  Like everything in life, none of this is foolproof. You have stopped, think, and plan. Planning with no hard thought and effort is better than no planning at all, but not by much. In short, you have to do what all successful people do including top-performing sales professionals and do your prep work!” Keep Reading “7 Strategies for Planning a Sales Call”     

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